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Chnging places

Changing Places & Toilet Map
Tel: 0207 803 2876

Over a 1/4 million people need Changing Places toilets to enable them to get out and about and enjoy the day-to-day activities many of us take for granted.

Not sure where your nearest Changing Places toilet is? Take a look at our map which allows you to search through all registered Changing Places toilets.


Hambleton District Council
Civic Centre
Stone Cross
North Yorkshire
Tel: 01609 779977

Hambleton District Council’s help desk stock RADAR key’s and sell them at £2.50 per key.

The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country. Toilets fitted with National Key Scheme (NKS) locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the country.


Safe Places
Tel: 03307 260260

Safe Places will help you if you are scared or lost in town. A safe place helps vulnerable people if they feel scared or at risk while they are out and about in the community and need support right away

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