Visit Eureka!

Eureka – (1 adult & 1 child (Under 11) per Max Card)

For me Eureka gets an extra special mention as from my experience, this children’s museum is one of the most inclusion focused placed I’ve ever visited.

On arrival we were assisted through the queue and advised that should we need anything, to grab a member of staff. 30 minutes in to our day, I was detecting signs of an imminent meltdown and called for a member of staff. The team sprung in a well planned drill to get our son to their chill out room as fast as possible. It’s at this point we would normally be making our way home but this facility enabled our other children to pair off with Mum and enjoy the museum.

Next level service..

After spending a large proportion of the day in the chill out room, staff organised our family to sit at the CBeeBies story time. Such a wonderful service which sets what I feel, a bench mark for an inclusive service. Amazing work Eureka!

Explore Eureka!

We’re not like other museums. Eureka! is an extraordinary fun-packed day out for kids aged 0-11. We have six unique zones to discover, each filled with hundreds of interactive exhibits designed to inspire enquiring minds to find out about themselves and the world around them.

Our talented team of Enablers are on hand throughout the museum to help you get the most out of your visit.

We’re not like other museums…

In our museum nothing is trapped inside a glass cabinet! We’re the only fully interactive museum totally dedicated to children aged 0-11 anywhere in the UK.

We love the weird and wonderful questions children ask and work hard to provide some of the answers. And, as the UK’s leading hands-on museum for just for children, we know how to make learning fun.

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